Saturday, January 26, 2013

Servant Leaders And Encouragement

Do you know anyone who doesn’t like to be encouraged? Who doesn’t like to be told they are appreciated, doing a good job, or are important? All of us can think back over our lives and remember coaches, teachers, family members, and leaders who encouraged us to try and accomplish something new.
They told us when we fail we won’t be remembered for the failures but for the times we got back up to try again. Real-life changing encouragement makes a big difference when people are struggling or have gotten down on themselves. Serv ant leaders provide hope and encouragement to keep us on the right path, or help us to see we are on the wrong path and provide us with the energy to get us going again..  Servant leaders:
Ø  Treat their people fairly.
Ø  Provide feedback.
Ø  Give people a chance to express their thoughts and feelings.
Ø  Train and teach their people.
Ø  Recognize their people.
Ø  Trust their people.
Ø  Show they care through their actions.
Ø  Look for small victories to celebrate.
Ø  Get their people to dream about what could be.
Ø  Constantly communicating with their people
Ø  Set expectations for their people and then get in the trenches with them.
What drives a servant leader, is they see people as important. Too many leaders today are into themselves and their own power and titles.  Servant leaders are in the business of growing their people. Servant leaders shine the light on their people’s strengths and possibilities and then provide the encouragement to help their people succeed.
Giving encouragement is one of those soft skills that businesses talk about from time to time but don’t exhibit enough. Most companies do not spend enough time teaching their leaders the importance of this leadership skill and the positive impact it can have on people, and what encouragement looks like in the day-to-day activities of leading people.
Encouragement is something that cannot be faked.  People can spot a fake from a mile away. If the motivation and interest in their people is not real it is easy to spot and can cause much harm.
Many companies today have great vision and mission statements but have trouble living up to their words. Then they wonder why there is a wide gap between their vision and the results they are achieving as a company. My 40 years in the business world has taught me one very important thing:
Everything Rises And Falls On Leadership. So if you don’t like the results your company is achieving; Leadership needs to look in the mirror and ask themselves what do I need to change in how I’m leading. Are you leading for yourself or for the people you have been called to lead? Do you see leadership as just a job or your calling? The right kind of leadership can take you and your company on a new and exciting journey, mend relationships and create a caring and enthusiastic workplace that is achieving beyond its fondest dreams. Remember that the people who come to work every day want to know that the leaders they are doing life with really care about them. If you get it right you will build a sense of community and find the competitive advantage you have been looking for; It’s been under your nose the whole time, YOUR PEOPLE.